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    Skiing and Bed & Breakfast in the Poconos

    You can totally have a getaway in the Poconos!

    Three words. Bed. And. Breakfast. Two of the greatest things on earth and all nestled into a cozy lodge.

    On this trip we stayed at The Mountaintop Lodge at Lake Naomi. It was just as I had hoped. Leather sofas, bookcases and fireplaces. Wood and wood and lots more wood! The room had a fireplace and a cute little bathroom. It was a lovely mini getaway that was definitely appreciated.

    Breakfast was delicious and came with the price of the room stay. I ordered a sausage and ham breakfast quiche and my husband ordered french toast with berries. Both of which were delicious! The lodge had its own cafe also so we ordered two mochas and sipped them outside on the deck while looking at the grounds. Absolute cozy heaven.

    There are a few things I like most about the winter. Hanging by the fire, ski trips, taking shots from a flask on the ski lift, lodge restaurants (again alcohol), and cozy clothing. Combine all of these things into one weekend and I am happy as can be.

    This was the second time I had ever been to a bed and breakfast, and the fourth time I had ever been skiing. I learned how to ski on my third try down the mountain. Something about flying down a mountain on skis without having any control can be fucking terrifying. So I decided on the third try (and with some coaching from a friend), that I was going to figure this out now or head straight to the lodge and call it quits. I am proud to announce that I got the hang of it and now have a great time every time I go.

    Before my first ski trip I tried my luck on a snowboard. This mountain had the lodge at the top of the mountain, so you had to go down first then take the ski lift back up. I was pretty scared but thought hey if that little baby that just flew down the mountain on skis with no poles can do it, well shit so can I.

    Going down the mountain wasn’t that bad at first (I was holding onto my husband the whole time). I thought if I could just go down like that every time then I would be okay. Once we reached the bottom my husband told me to unstrap one foot and get ready to hop on the ski lift. The chair swings around, I hop on and the safety bar comes down. Okay I’ve got this. Simple enough.

    While on the lift I am checking out the scenery which is absolutely beautiful. I see a tree full of bras, which I thought was pretty funny. Then I see the top, and I am pretty confident that I can go down the mountain once more and maybe even let go of my husband. The safety bar goes up I jump up and I put my one unstrapped foot back on the board with the other foot. I push off the chair and then wait a second! Why am I leaning so far forward?! And then SMACK! I am on my ass in front of a bunch of laughing-pimple-faced middle schoolers that most likely had skid marks in their underwear, but no, I am the funny one in this situation.

    Pain. Excruciating pain. It felt like my butthole had turned inside out and was just laying dead and lifeless on the snow next to me. I slowly get up, gather dead butthole and then head to the bathroom. I was almost certain it was bleeding. It had to be because of how much pain I felt. I went to the bathroom to check and there was nothing. It was just me staring back at myself in the mirror, defeated. Now I ski.

    -You can totally rock that.

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    Killer Statement Earrings

    You can totally rock those gorgeous statement earrings!

    I didn’t venture outside for photos this week because mother nature was still being an asshole. I also ended up with a cold after last weeks blog, so I decided I’ve had enough of the great outdoors for a little bit. At least until I find some awesome indoor space in Philly.

    So this weeks post comes to you straight from my closet. The best closet on earth because it was designed by yours truly, and my loving and willing husband whom I forced to erect a huge wardrobe on the wall. Read that last statement again just for fun.

    Inside of said closet lay tons of jewelry that I collected over the years. Most of which is costume jewelry due to my unorganized and head in the clouds nature. My husband bought me a gorgeous-solid-gold bracelet for our anniversary. I loved it so much that I lost it after just 6 months. Well at least I thought I loved it, but subconsciously I didn’t give a shit about it, or I wouldn’t have lost it right? I also lost my first wedding ring while stopped at a rest station in Florida, (Never take your ring off to wash your hands) which definitely proves my unworthiness. I lost a gold ring that my grandmother bought me when I was five. I was eating at a diner with my dad and had on my brand new sparkly! Lord knows how I managed to take it off my sticky little syrup finger, but I did and it went in the diner dumpster after only one day. The list goes on and I have yet to learn my lesson, and this is why I should never own expensive jewelry.

    Costume jewelry has become my best friend over the years. The last year or two I have been obsessed with statement jewelry! Huge tassels, big pearls, round disks and large hoops wrapped in colorful fabric, are just a few of the amazing styles that I own. They dress up a plain outfit instantly and look so glamorous! Think ART! That is exactly what I think of when I see the different variations of styles. I get so excited when I think about statement jewelry. I hope to wear many more amazing styles over the next several years or forever hopefully.

    -You can totally rock that.

    Links to Purchase

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    Chic, Warm and Budget-Friendly Jackets for Winter

    Helloooooo 2018!

    You can totally stay warm and chic this winter without breaking the bank!

    I am so over the northeast right now! As I write we are in the midst of a blizzard. This blizzard is not like the old blizzards from blizzards past, this one is special. The weather nerds decided blizzard wasn’t a good enough name so they dubbed it Bomb Cyclone, because blizzard alone didn’t evoke fear in the hearts of the people. Cases of water weren’t flying off grocery store shelves, and the elderly were still driving far too slow in their Buick LeSabres. Bomb Cyclone would surely speed things up.

    Anyhow, I should be home all cozied up on the couch watching movies and drinking warm cocoa. The sad reality is that I am at work, and I had to drive in a car fit for a hamster through the tundra that is currently Philadelphia. My mother would tell me to stop complaining and be thankful for my job, because someone else isn’t as fortunate. My smart reply to her would be “well maybe I should order a pizza during the blizzard and create some work for someone,” that way I can continue to complain about my “horrible life.” Problem solved. Anyhow, I am done complaining for now. Well at least until the next blizzard and I will bitch more then.

    On days like today I could give two shits about fashion. I am wearing old snow boots, leggings (that should have been retired three years ago), and an old band tee (a band that I haven’t even heard of because I am THAT girl) from Marshalls. I also wore my overpriced and warm Canada Goose jacket, that I begged my husband for months to get me. It is also the same $1000 dollar coat that I wore while eating a chicken and cheese quesadilla and spilling grease all over while driving with my knees. This is a prime example of why I shouldn’t own anything that costs a weeks pay, and also why I should purchase cheaper jackets like the one pictured above.

    This budget-friendly puffer jacket from ASOS is extremely warm, and I am IN LOVE with the faux-fur collar detail. The shine on the outside is so me! I am a sucker for anything that makes a statement or adds character to an outfit. If you want a jacket (or any piece of clothing) to look expensive but not be; ask yourself, “is there anything that makes it look unique and does the fabric look cheap?” If you answered yes to the first question then it may have potential. If you answered yes to the second question then keep it moving.

    If you haven’t already caught on from my previous posts, ASOS is my favorite clothing website! They ship cheap, fast and returns are free! They have something for everyone and I mean EVERYONE. There are sizes for almost every body type and also tons of different accessories and shoes. If you haven’t checked out ASOS before, you must now! My brain is swimming with information to convince you how much I adore this website, but you really need to check it out for yourself and see.

    This entire outfit was purchased from ASOS. I also included some other choices that looked super warm and budget-friendly and UNDER $100! So if you like what you see click on the links below to purchase.

    -You can totally rock that.

    Purchase here River Island black puffer

    Purchase here ASOS puffer

    Purchase here ASOS check puffer

    Purchase Here Red Puffer

    Kitty bag Worn in photos.

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    Trendy Teddy Coat

    You can totally rock that teddy coat!

    No teddy bears were harmed in the making of this coat! I am a firm believer when it comes to no stuffed-animal testing. It just isn’t right.

    The weather in Philly is getting colder and will probably continue to drop over the next couple of months, so I decided to arm myself with one of the coziest jackets on the market. The teddy coat!

    Those of you who are neighbors with Patrick Star (he lives under a rock), the teddy coat is so on trend right now and can be seen on almost every fashion blog. It is fun, fashionable and very easy to style. It can be dressed up or down, and it feels like you are being hugged by your favorite stuffed friend. It doesn’t get any better.

    Unfortunately my coat pictured above is sold out. Don’t worry there are plenty of similar options. I will list a few of my favorite coats for those of you who want to rock this trend but aren’t sure where to find it.

    Teddy Coat # 1

    Teddy Coat # 2

    Teddy Coat # 3

    Happy New Year and Happy Shopping!

    -You can totally rock that.

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    Last Minute Gift Ideas for the HER in Your Life

    You can totally rock that last minute gift!

    This is for all of you last minute OH SHIT! Christmas is 4 days away and I have nothing but love to give! Unless maybe there is something in the kitchen worth wrapping in newspaper?! Expired Campbell’s soup? I am pretty sure someone needs a gently used soda stream right?


    Look no further than a trip to Target my friends! ( No I am not sponsored by Target, but I should be since I have bought so many things that could equal a college education). Plus who in the F hates going to Target?! No one! Why? Because LIFE. Everything good in life is located in this one amazing store and you don’t even need to shower before going. Just kidding. This isn’t Wal-Mart. Take a shower.


    #1 A friend that is not a best friend, but you keep her around because sometimes she doesn’t flake, and you can always count on her to get sloshed with you on NYE.

    After all of that boozing and flaking your good girlfriend needs some TLC skin care! Plus what girl doesn’t like to smell good?

    Soap & Glory gift set $24.99 Buy it in store or here

    #2 Your mom, or grandmother or someone that is significantly older than you and has put up with your shit (literally). For way too long, and now deserves something to heal after birthing you or from having to be around you since your birth. You get the picture.

    Hit granny with the snooze button with this sound soother. That way she can get some good rest then wake up and fix you some sandwiches.

    Sharper Image Sleep Therapy Sound Soother $29.99 Buy it in store or here

    #3 your girlfriend or wife. Because you love them and care how long it takes to get ready for you. You want to help them cut down the time it takes to get dressed, so that when they are finally perfected and gorgeous you can tell them they look “fine.” Because every woman loves spending hours getting dressed to hear that they look “fine” or “looks good, hurry up lets go.”

    Anyway this hairdryer is freaking boss. Its an amazing color and it cuts drying time in half. Maybe more!

    Harry Josh Pro Hair Dryer $249.99 Buy it online

    #4 The niece or cousin. With the age of social media you have got to know that your young niece or cousin knows about makeup. So by gifting makeup brushes you will definitely score big time with this. Unless they are lil bad and bougie bishes already, because they WILL definitely call you out for not purchasing the BEST brand name brushes. But….you waited last minute and they shouldn’t be buying that expensive shit anyway!!

    E.L.F. 10 Piece Brush Set $19.99 Buy it in store or here

    Last but definitely not least. THE BEST FRIEND.

    You should NOT have waited til the last second to buy your BFFFL something. So number one you have a problem there. Your so called “BFF” WILL notice that its a last minute gift because well… its your best friend. So the one and only thing you can do at this point is buy a bottle and a gift card and say sorry, because you KNOW she is getting what SHE wants now.

    Have an amazing holiday season and choose wisely my last minute gifters!

    -You can totally rock that.

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    How to Make a Feminine Dress Look Cool

    You can totally rock a cute-floral dress and make it look cool.

    Well, there really is no huge secret to wearing a floral dress. It is timeless, fun and can be worn throughout all of the seasons. Making it look cool and relaxed, rather than fit for a Sunday schooler is another thing.

    I have a habit of shying away from floral prints. Instead I choose colors and patterns that are bold and geometric. Every now and then I will grab a floral frock, depending if I can see myself wearing it in a cool and fun way. Believe it or not I am somewhat of a tomboy. More like a tomboy stuck inside of a girly girl if that makes any sense.

    I prefer pants or a pantsuit rather than a dress. There is something strange about having my vagina just hanging out with nothing to protect it from besides some thin-panty fabric. What if I happen to be walking in the city and I step in some dirty-street water that splashes up and gives my vagina a dirty-street-water facial. Um, no thank you. Orrrr, what if I sat down on someones couch that had those goose-down pillows and one of the feathers stuck out and then stabbed me in the vagina. Yeah, I’ll pass on the pillow-feather penetration.

    These are all OBVIOUS reasons why I prefer wearing pants.

    I am not going to hate on all of the dresses in the world because the most memorable fashion has usually been a bomb-ass dress. I have worn some killer dresses in my day, and I will most likely wear more in the future.

    The not-so-secret secret to making a very girly dress not so girly and cool is to wear masculine articles of clothing. For instance, by wearing a pair of masculine sneakers it takes away from the frilliness of the dress. An oversized jean jacket (that could most likely fit my husband) makes this outfit casual and cool.

    Another VERY important tip! You probably shouldn’t go and grab a red body-con-club dress and do the same thing. The reason is because it is a SEXY dress and not a GIRLY dress. Please. Don’t wear a sexy-club dress to the outlet malls. Think of the dads that will be sleeping on the couch that night because they REALLY wanted to go into Yankee Candle for some candles. And no ma’am! its not because of that hot girl in a sexy dress that is ALSO shopping for candles. It’s not good for anyone involved. Also, you may get confused with someone who is on their way home from a long night out doing the walk of shame.

    Now, don’t get angry with me and start gasping and pointing your little waggy fingers of “shame on you Jasmine!!” “A girl can wear whatever she likes!” This is true but this is also a fashion blog for fashion advice from an ex-professional walk of shamer. So take it for what you will.

    If you don’t have a fun and girly dress get online and grab one now! I am definitely eyeing some that have polka dots, which are way more fun than flowers in my opinion!

    Don’t let the fear of getting dirty-street-water vagina facials or penetrated by a feather hold you back!! Girly dresses are so versatile and are such a staple item, which should most definitely be in every girls closet.

    -You can totally rock that.

    Shop my finds below.

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    Plaid Jackets and Light Therapy

    You can totally rock that plaid jacket!

    I love anything that has to do with plaid. It is basically a neutral in my eyes. You can dress it up or down, but it always brings you back to memories of fall, boots, and cozy socks.

    So when I saw this jacket in Nordstrom I knew it was mine! I instantly thought about wearing it with some chunky boots, distressed denim and some sort of sweater. When I got home I actually went completely opposite and decided I wanted to make a funky retro school girl inspired outfit. That is the joy of plaid. You can switch it up according to your mood and style. Plus, I was headed to a photoshoot in NYC so I wanted to highlight my personal style instead of dressing down. The photographer Mountainbikekeith is so dope so check him out and give him a follow: IG)

    I actually used to wear tons of plaid when I lived in Alaska. Okay, not really but I needed a segue into this completely off topic but necessary story.

    I told you all how I grew up as a military brat. During my middle school years I lived in Anchorage, Alaska. Thanks mom for moving me to the darkest part of the world during the darkest part of my adolescent life. You flippin rock!

    I also had to drive to Alaska from Virginia in the back of a truck with ONLY MY PARENTS. During a time when WiFi didn’t exist. I sort of lied to make you feel bad for me. It was actually a really nice truck with a big roomie back seat for me to sprawl out on. They also installed a VHS tape player and TV ( my “awful” parents hooked me up majorly.) I am pretty sure that I have watched JLo’s Oscar worthy performance in The Wedding Planner more than 200 times.

    As soon as I moved to AK I decided I needed to pay them back for this torture. They needed to pay for the sins of making me suffer in that 3-week-long car ride. During that trip I think I memorized every classic rock band that my stepdad played non-stop. instead of jamming out to “Oops I did it again” like a normal teenager, I was forced to listen to “Crazy Train” and “Cheap Sunglasses”. Okay, okay. Looking back I should have wanted to listen to those classic hits, but I was 13 people. Cut me some slack.

    So it goes without saying I gave my parents the most hell that anyone who is 13 and raging with sneakyruinyourlifebecauseIhateyoudon’taskmeanythingever! hormones can go through.

    After some time and a lot of teenage revenge; my beautiful and optimistic mother decided it was time to intervene. My mom knew I needed to be cured of my teenage angst immediately, so that I didn’t get pregnant at 13.

    The cure was definitely LIGHT THERAPY.

    That was the cure for sure! Shine a light in a person’s eyes and BAM!! Normal functioning teenage daughter. All I needed was a little dose of UV rays and I would be as happy as one of those bitches off of glee. Clearly that didn’t happen (I could probably use a couple of UV’s now.) I kid you not. I sat in front of a big light in an office for like 15 minutes. Fail.

    What’s the next choice you ask? A tanning bed of course. A tanning bed sounded like the next best option to my mama. Now, I will say this because my mom loves the hell out of me. She just wanted me to be happy no matter what. So going to the tanning bed was mostly a random hangout with your daughter reason.

    My mom took me to the gym on the military base. They happened to have tanning beds like most gyms in the U.S. because the threat of skin cancer wasn’t really a big deal then.

    We get assigned our tanning beds and they give us two standup booths. The staff tells us the instructions and then we make our way into the locker room. I follow the instructions just as they told us. First, there is a changing room and then there is a door to the stand up tanning bed. I go in and change and then open the tanning bed and hop in. 10 minutes goes by and the bed shuts off. I am feeling great at this point, and I smell like a burnt pair of panties from all of the lotion and heat. I was definitely Cured. Well at least in the cooking term kind of way.

    I meet my mom outside of the tanning bed. She says she feels great and thinks she may have gotten a little bit of color. We gather our stuff and and make our way outside.

    Once outside my mom says she thinks that the beds were pretty weak. I ask her why and she says she thinks that the lights were pretty dim for a tanning booth.

    I ask her more questions because I didn’t understand why and then it dawns on me that she never went in the actual tanning bed. She wrapped her head in a towel and thought she was getting a tan in the changing room under a 60 watt light bulb.

    That light therapy though.

    Mom don’t kill me for sharing this life changing story. Thanks for loving me so much that light therapy was an option. I could never be depressed because of your love for me. I ended up kind of okay right?

    -You can totally rock that.

    Photography by: @mountainbikekeith check out his awesome work! Photographer

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